We move and are moved

We move and are moved

NOW is the moment.

Always approaching; always receding.

All my tiny Nows strung together.

They penetrate and then, spinning, shoot off from me

in all directions.

No ... wait ...!

NOW is the moment!

Wait ... language obsessed with linear temporal movement,

obscuring the truth that--

NOW is the moment.

My brain is melting.

No spinning, no lines flowing,

only this resonating point.

But I cannot handle this high-velocity stillness; 

cannot take this ... intimacy ... for long.

~ NOW is the moment ~

I cannot hold the point, cannot hold on.

Shattering and remaking me

at a speed beyond my conceptualization.

How can I survive this?!?

     ((( NOW is the moment )))

There is no duration, no one point, no I to survive.

Only permeation.

-- NOW is the moment --

No with or without

Not at all what I thought ...






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