Nafudakake of Aikido Shugenkai

Our nafudakake shows those who hold a teaching license (menkyo) in Aikido Shugenkai. Rank is read with senior on the left or above. The first year is the year of joining the dojo, the second their year of grading to their current rank. Those who are currently inactive are identified in red. Those who are deceased have a black border. Former uchi-deshi are in black and white.

Morihei Ueshiba
Morihei UeshibaFounder
Koretoshi Maruyama
Koretoshi MaruyamaAikido Yuishinkai
Kevin Jones
Kevin JonesAikido Shugenkai
内弟子 Shugenkai Uchi-Deshi
Kimberly Tam
Kimberly Tam2011-
Vicky Grant
Vicky Grant
Wynn Palmer
Wynn Palmer
免許皆伝 Menkyo Kaiden
Jeff Ball
Jeff Ball1976/2002
Paula Lydon
Paula Lydon2005/2021
免許奥伝 Menkyo Okuden
Vicky Grant
Vicky Grant1990/1995
Ken King
Ken King1992/2000
Glenn Orr
Glenn Orr1995/2005
Tom Haipiuk
Tom Haipiuk1991/2006
Mike Hawthorne
Mike Hawthorne1996/2010
Tom Molina
Tom Molina2000/2012
Mark Sohm
Mark Sohm2004/2021
免許中伝 Menkyo Chuden
Brenda Griffith
Brenda Griffith1991/1997
Trevor Steele
Trevor Steele1995/1998
Damon Olger
Damon Olger1994/1998
James Woodard
James Woodard1996/2000
Victor Lim
Victor Lim1997/2000
Ricky Tam
Ricky Tam1998/2002
Hank Vink
Hank Vink1998/2002
Wynn Palmer
Wynn Palmer2001/2005
Mark Pajdowksi
Mark Pajdowksi1986/2007
Michael Lim
Michael Lim1997/2006
Adam Graff
Adam Graff1996/2007
Warrick Cooke
Warrick Cooke2012
Alex Blough-Swingen
Alex Blough-Swingen2012
Steven Ouellette
Steven Ouellette2008/2013
Teresa Tran
Teresa Tran2015
Kelley Robins
Kelley Robins2015
Dat Tran
Dat Tran2015
Chandni Rosser
Chandni Rosser2017
Ben Sargent
Ben Sargent2018
Gerry Sidney
Gerry Sidney2018
免許 Menkyo
Neil Williams
Neil Williams1997/2002
Matthew Dabney
Matthew Dabney2001/2005
Matt Myers
Matt Myers2001/2005
David McDaniels
David McDaniels2013
Bobby Tam
Bobby Tam2018
Jim Schwegerl
Jim Schwegerl2018
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