The time is now!
Make straight the bonds that link
Heaven, Fire, Water and Earth
Let me stand as your guide.

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Welcome to Aikido Shugenkai's web page. You can find out where we hold classes and our take on Aikido at this website. Have a look around and enjoy your stay. 

Shugenkai is a community which supports its members in the pursuit of a life-long study and practice in the fundamental truths of Aikido.  We use the analogy of the basic natural elements - earth, water, fire, and air -  as a framework to assist us in our continuous studying, learning, and training.

Shugenkai has some very strong views on the purpose of an Aikido dojo. Our non-profit constitution says we exist to further the development of the mind, body and spirit through the practice of Aikido. It does not say "and to make lots of money for someone". While this philosophy is probably found in many other dojo, it is not true of many schools (in various other martial arts) which seem to have the major purpose of extracting money from the students and giving it to the school's owners. This is not our way.

Aikido Shugenkai Summer School 2016 - Florida

The 2016 Aikido Shugenkai Summer School training witll be located in Florida.  Additional details to follow soon. 


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AikidoShugenkai Happy New Years! Will be starting the year with some early morning practice to start the year with good feeling.
AikidoShugenkai Another great summer school completed #aikido #shugenkai
AikidoShugenkai Workshop in Washington this weekend!
AikidoShugenkai Beginnings of a private dojo
AikidoShugenkai Congrats to all who graded this workshop! #shugenkai #aikido #California

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